I'm Gaby De Los Santos, a dominican songwriter looking to connect using music. I'm a storyteller with influences from very different musical genres like folk, experimental/alternative rock and latin boleros.

In 2015, I decided to start sharing my music accompanied by my guitar.


In April 2018, I released my first production entitled  “¡Hormígases!”. It consists of 6 acoustic songs that tell the evolution of grief.

I'm currently working on my next production with a band formed by Surya Cabral (guitar, vocals), Guillermo Casado (keys, miscellaneous, vocals), Freddy Navarro (bass), Laura Montero (flute, vocals) and Alejandro Grullón (drums).

I've got the privilege to work with these amazing and talented people who trust, as much as I do,

that our ideas can become our reality.


Surya Cabral