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Gaby De Los Santos is a talented singer-songwriter from the Dominican Republic who seeks to connect with her audience through her music and tell stories through her lyrics. Her musical style is very diverse, spanning genres such as alternative/experimental rock and folk.

In 2015, Gaby decided to take the leap and begin sharing her songs in public, accompanied by her guitar. That same year, she joined the local band "Playa o Radio," where she participated as a vocalist and keyboardist.

In 2018, she released her first independent music production called "¡Hormígases!," which she produced alone in a room. This album served as inspiration to continue producing high-quality music.


After that, she began working with producer Surya Cabral, and together they released two EPs: "Tropezando" (2020) and "De Cerca" (2022). They also released the single "Primavera" in 2021.


Additionally, Gaby De Los Santos has been recognized by the Indie Dominican Awards, with her album "Tropezando" winning in the category of Best Singer-Songwriter Album in the second edition of the awards.


Gaby's team has been growing, and her presence on stage has become stronger and more prominent. Without a doubt, she will continue to surprise her audience with her incredible talent and share much more music in the near future.



Melissa Messina



Surya Cabral



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Ronel De Los Santos


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